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Cabello Amour

Hold Me Down Gel

Hold Me Down Gel

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Get hold of the best multipurpose holding gel that you can’t live without! Use it for

  • Laying down bald caps 
  • Laying down edges on your wig
  • Slicking and laying natural hair 
  • Setting your brows

It’s essential for levelling up your wig game! Comfort truly meets luxe - add it to your cart and experience ease like never before.

Product Specs

  • Strong temporary hold
  • Best for styling baby hairs
  • Secures bald caps
  • Easy application & removal


External use only. Make sure to patch test before usage. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Everyone’s body chemistry isn’t the same. Some may have oilier skin than others. If this is the case, the wig adhesive will eventually break down because of your bodily oils. You may need Skin Protect and more layers. Read the ingredients and perform a patch test on yourself before using it on your entire forehead. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and we are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.


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